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We are the oldest, safest and most experienced drop zone in Louisiana. Proudly in business since 1984

Just north of Shreveport, in Gilliam Louisiana
SKYDIVE LOUISIANA .....call and book your jump TODAY...318-464-5867
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An official USPA training center.
call and book you jump today 318-464-5867
Contact Us Just north of Shreveport, in Gilliam Louisiana.... We are the oldest, and most experienced drop zone in north Louisiana. Proudly in business since 1997 * * * Questions & Answers
Q. Who can make a skydive? A. Anyone over 18 years old under 230 pounds and of good physical condition. Q. How do I set up a skydive appointment? A. Call 318-464-5867 or 318-GO4-JUMP and check for availability and be prepared to pay a deposit or leave a message and a phone number and we will call you back as soon as possible. Q. What is the fifty dollar deposit for and does it go towards my price of my skydive? A. The deposit is to secure your time and place on the air-plane for your jump.  We have people calling all the time to jump but the deposit separates the tire kickers from the people that are serious about having an experience of a life time. The balance of your jump is due on the day of your jump minus the deposit. Q. How many drop zones (skydiving centers) are there in Louisiana? A. There are only three skydiving centers in Louisiana and only two in northern LA.  We are the only multi- turbine aircraft drop zone in the state Located in Gilliam LA. Q. Why are there many drop zones listed in my internet search if there are only three in the state? A. There are companies out there that will take your reservation and your money but then will send you to a drop zone that only accepts there vouchers.  Most of the time you pay more than you would have if you would have booked it through the skydiving center direct. (example) there is no such place as Skydive Shreveport… Q. How experienced are your instructors? A. We have some of the most experienced instructors in the industry. Q. Can I bring my on camera on the jump? A. No, you have a certain responsibility during the jump and for your safety as well as the instructors outside distractions like cameras are not allowed.  That is why a licensed skydiver must have over 200 jumps before they can jump with one. Q: What happens if the weather or something else comes up on the day of the jump? Do you offer refunds or rain checks A: We will refund you your deposit if you are at the drop zone and we are unable to make your jump due to weather conditions.  We also can reschedule your jump for another time.  Just remember  just because the weather is bad where you are at does not mean it is bad at the airport. Q: How long should I plan to be out at the drop-zone for a jump?  (I know it briefly talks about this in the tandem part of the website) A: For a tandem skydive and video plan on being at the drop zone for 1 ½ to 2 hours Q: What type of clothing/shoes should I wear? A: wear clothing that you would if you were going on a picnic that day, but wear closed end shoes (tennis shoes) not boots. Q: Is skydiving safe? A: Skydiving is a thrilling sport and much of the thrill is due to the risks involved. However, we respect our sport and strive to provide an exceptional experience, free of any accident or injury, to each of our jumpers.  We have an outstanding safety record and maintain that by taking all the necessary steps that could be associated with skydiving. Our instructors are well trained and must stay current in jumps and with the USPA. We take a conservative approach in preparing for your jump because we believe all skydives begin on the ground. Our landing area is large and is surrounded by adequate areas that can be used to land safely, in the rare event that a jumper could not land right back at the landing strip. When this sport is respected and all steps are taken prior to jumping, any  risks associated are dramatically reduced. Q: Will I lose my stomach like I would on a roller coaster? A: While it is not impossible, it is very rare for a jumper to 'lose their stomach' or get that 'falling sensation'. That feeling is induced when a person is at a high point and begins acceleration of speed from a minimal or no speed. When skydiving, jumpers exit already moving with an 80mph forward speed. Therefore, the acceleration for most people is not felt 'in your stomach'. Q: What if my parachute doesn't open? A: Contrary to popular belief among people who have never jumped before, it is so rare for a parachute to not open at all that you could almost say it sits next to impossible. Parachutes are a very large piece of material that are packed into a tiny bag. Everything about that parachute wants to open. We strive to take all proper steps when packing so our parachutes not only open, but open correctly. Again, in the rare event a parachute opens incorrectly and cannot be landed safely, all of our skydiving rigs are equipped with a reserve parachute. Reserve parachutes are only packed by a licensed packer, known as a 'rigger'. Every 180 days, reserve parachutes are inspected and repacked by a licensed rigger, even when they have not been used.
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Our private air field and our (2) planes . Located in Gilliam Louisiana, Just north of Shreveport. Click here for directions. 318-464-5867 * Jumps for $210.00 per person are for a group of 3 or more...click here for details. No tandems jumpers over 230 lbs. copyright skydivelouisiana.net all rights reserved 1998-2013 Questions & Answers